“He’s like Ramsey but without the swearing!” 


TheChefandTheGrape.com will bring your F&B operation back into the black. Get over 30 years of experience on your side to analyze: is your brand resonating, are your systems complete and up-to-date and, most importantly, are you engaging with your customers? The market has never been more competitive and this is the “ace-up-the-sleeve” that will set your business apart and grow profits.


Is your brand consistent throughout your business?

Is your brand resonating with clients?

How are you driving the brand?

What is your point-of-differential?


Are your systems complete?

Are your systems up-to-date?

Are the systems being leveraged by everyone on the team?

Do new team members get brought into the system efficiently?


Creating content is not engagement.

Where do your customers look for engagement?

How often do you go to that place?

How consistently?


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WELCOME TO THE ONLINE HOME of The Chef and The Grape Consulting INC; a company founded and directed by certified wine steward, red seal chef and French Wine Scholar student Kristof Gillese. We provide personalized wine services to private and corporate clients making the understanding of the marriage of food and wine both accessible and enjoyable.

We are proud to be one of the only companies in BC offering the highest calibre in private cellar management; whether your have a 24-bottle wine cooler or a temperature-controlled room for 5000 bottles waiting to be organized this is our forte! Let us have our certified staff come to you to explain how our company’s unique range of contacts throughout North America can bring the best values in world-class wine to your door and at less expense.

Browse the articles for food and wine pairing suggestions, wine picks and cellar management tips, as well exclusive interviews with some of the world’s leading winemakers and winery owners!

Whether you’re planning a stylish in-home tasting for you and your friends, looking for some stellar wine and food pairings for your next brilliant dinner, or seeking to beef up your cellar stash, The Chef and The Grape is here for you.

To contact Kristof for a consultation or to set-up one of his personalized wine services, please either email kristof@thechefandthegrape.com or call (604) 339-6921.